I am a lucky girl, no, wait, I am the luckiest one…yet the past couple of weeks felt like months, some days even like ages. I have had quite a few goodbyes in my life, especially in the last three years since I am abroad, nothing unusual for someone studying in a foreign country. Silly me, I thought I have mastered the art of ‘pretend-we-will-meet-tomorrow ‘ with my family and friends. Well,  I admit,  I still share some tears when my mum wishes me safe travel on the train/ bus station or at the airportBut as Sinéad O’Connor sings – nothing compares to…him.

My hatred for Sofia airport (an unexplicably strong one) grew much bigger after that day when I went to send him away. I believe any girl who has ever experienced such goodbye will understand me very well. The feeling was as if someone took out my major organs, more specifically heart and lungs, and digged a whole through which my entire creature fell apart. It probably sounds like an exageration, but it is the most accurate and visual way in which I can describe it.

Anyway, I needed to figure out a survival strategy for the oncoming weeks apart. I swear, I have become as pro-active as I haven’t been in ages. It is an entire art of taking my mind away, making time go faster…an art of missing him. My action plan so far includes:

  1. Visit all kinds of social and cultural events – yep sure, throw yourself in a tragic romatic play so you think how lucky you are that at least you have this person and his dad doesn’t wanna kill yours. Then have the need to share what you have watched with him, and realise that the time difference unfortunately means he is asleep.
  2. Do much more sports than usual…we both know you do not need this energy right now.
  3. Read books…like 5 at the same time ‘cuz you cannot really focus on a story different from the one you aready have in your head.
  4. Concentrate on your work/ internship as if this is the job of your life, although sometimes you can barely handle the 8 hours at the office as it’s just too hot and you’re too sad to deal with people.
  5. Vitamin SEA – this is one of the miracles which in fact helps, a lot…
  6. Take up a new hobby – I go for…wait for it- Wine and Painting 😀 3 hours of Blissful Forgetfulness, maybe it’s me being concentrated on creating an “exquisite” peice of art, or most probably, It’s the wine. Nevertheless, combined with self – irony and a good company, it makes the second best medicine after love – laughter.
  7. Spend time with other love ones. Laugh with them, enjoy their company. Here I am serious. Nothing helps more than calling my mum to cry on her shoulder for half an hour. MUM always helps. Thanks mum :* ❤
  8. If mum is not there, call your best friends, they are always there to tell you how stupid, and silly, and overdramatic you are, and how you need to man up ‘cuz they will kick your suffering a*s. Oh man, I need to record my best friends’ speeches as they are one of a kind when it comes to cynical responses to my ‘newly found tender and romantic side’.
  9. Write your person you love them …. they’ll probably answer in 6 hours but you will have satisfied the urge to express your affection, and they’ll know you are thinking of them.
  10. Write a blog post how much you miss him, ‘cuz this actually feels like a worthwhile task to make the most of your personal time. Take a note while writing to do more fulfilling activities like that.

I believe this is the place to mark down that karma trully exists, guys. Before I was ironising those who were making a fuss about how much they miss their guys/ girls. And here I am, standing as a complete hypocrite, doing exactly the same, if not worse… but that’s life. And it’s beautiful,  love is even more, and a true one… it’s worth the wait ❤



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