This was one of the longest waits I have ever had in my limitted travelling experience with almost 8 hours spent at Stansted airport between my first and second flight . Well, I guess I should just be grateful I had a chance to come back home for the Easter holiday taking into account the fact that I bought the tickets at a reasonable price only five days before I flew. And I am glad! Anyways,  I had an unbelievable amount of time to kill on my own and since at one point I was too tired to do something productive such as reading I began consciously observing the surrounding airport environment.

I was wondering how the other people cope with the feeling of wasting their precious time. Was there a good idea for activity that I could copy from somebody? Nothing… Can you guess what most of the people were doing apart from looking at their phones, computers and ipads? They were eating! I remember very clearly the feet-smelling chips the girl on the right opened and the fried chicken wings the guy across my seat took out of his luggage. Such situations hurt. They hurt because back then I was not particularly hungry and I was doing my best not to eat any supermarket unhealthy packaged food. But I could smell and sense it from everywhere and my mouth filled with salvia beyond my control.

So what did I do? I Of course I ate! But I also began making a mental list of all the activities one usually undertakes during a long airport wait. It was pretty disappointing to realise the majority of them revolved around FACEBOOK and FOOD CONSUMPTION. C’mon people is this the best we can do? Yes, we can also read, or listen to music or sleep. However, none of those involves much body movement and you end up stiff as hell, tired of sitting. Personally, this is the most annoying type of exhaustion. Oh, wait, you can also do some shopping…if you have the money.

And since I don’t particularly like people who complain without having any suggestions for improvement, I’d like to propose what seems to me pretty obvious and simple to incorporate yet it may sound crazy to certain individuals… but I can care less…

How about having dancing zones at the airports where we could move our bottoms and get energized instead of worn out? There are many variations. The simpliest involves just a big square with wooden floor and a speaker playing some salsa or bachata, and maybe a dancing teacher running some short simple classes. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t really need a special space to dance, what stopped me at Stansted was the absence of my partner. But most people I know seem to need some extra push, some encouragement, something more official to ensure that they wouldn’t look ridiculous in others’ eyes. I also understand that not everybody is a fan of latin music or even dancing but since this is a major hobby of mine, my mind and ideas are normally concentrated in this direction. Nevertheless, I would love to hear different proposals for other activities that could get us out of the phone-food-phone circle. Let’s try to stuff our bodies with some positive energy instead of extra sugar from the mars bars!

I’d like to finish with my new motto: Time is precious, use it for dancing 😉 ❤


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