It’s one of those Monday mornings when so as to wake up I need a mug, yep a mug of coffee, a cup of the what is supposed to be an uplifting morning tea, a glass of water, a…well, you got the picture. While switching between the drinks (this would sound unappropriate in another context), I caught myself thinking of how I’d rather spend my morning…

For those of you who have come across my other scribbles, you probably know that almost every summer I go to Tyulenovo for at least two weeks. Goodness I used to be there for 3 months while growing up! Anyways, I love waking up for the sunrise. Those are moments of absolute happiness… with my mind half dreaming, the smell of cliffs, salt and coffee…and the chocolate bar I dip in the cup, a smile or two exchanged with my mum, the pink, blue and orange from the surise, the sound of waves and seagulls. And then having a long swim in the purity and freshness of the morning sea, only the sound of my strokes breaking the silence. If I close my eyes I can transfer there in an instant…kinda hurts though as I am not even sure whether I will have this soon.

But this is a speacial kind of morning, what about the ordinary ones?  There are two types – when I wake up alone and when I am in the company of somebody special. Both possess some charm. Having some time for yourself in the early hours (early may also be in terms of the start of your personal day not of the actual day), soo having some time for yourself at the beginning of your day is precious, and I believe once I start my career I would cherish it even more. I love to have enough of spare minutes to be the slow chillaxing zombie I am while brewing coffee, contemplating whether to have something different for breakfast and then eating porridge as usual, listening to music and reading or writting a not particularly improtant post on the Internet….like this one.

On the other hand, it’s a beautiful experience waking up with somebody close to your heart…a sibling, a friend, or more than a friend. It’s also kinda tricky, a bit like find the pattern game as everybody has a different routine and you just need to meet in the middle.  I am not so fond of eating alone so having company for breakfast triggers me to actually prepare a meal different than porridge. I enjoy staring with a pinch of sarcasm, a tbsp of chatting, a cup of laughter and ideally a glass of dancing, hmmm and maybe two cups of not only dancing…

Yep, I just love mornings. They are my favourite part of the day, always promising a chance for a new beginning. We even have a saying back home ‘The morning is wiser than the evening‘. A fun fact: despite the amount of caffeine it took me to get accustomed to my body today, scribbling this post made me realize how much I enjoy writing and that, in fact, even this morning is kinda pleasant. What a better way to begin your week than being late because of your blogging inspirations, right?

And I am super late! Byeeee!


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