A sweet boy once told me that the perfect day for him is the highly productive one. As much as I agree that the feeling of getting a job done and checking things out of your to-do list is indeed pleasant, I can sometimes be the embodiment of The Great Procrastinator… and at the same time be extremely efficient while doing that.

I realize it sounds paradoxical. How can you be simultaneously unproductive and productive? The key, my dear friends, is that procrastination does not always mean unwilligness to work, it just implies that you delay or postpone certain tasks…like my live project report (only an example!). Thus, if you manage to complete a chore that is not so pressing but would be at some point in the future, it is still procrastination yet a fruitful one. Not to get more confusing, here is a list of some activities which present this peculiar type of art.

  1. Write a blog – undoubtedly beneficial for your creative thinking and writing skills. It also makes me wonder how the hell can I scribble 600 words of a blog post in 30 minutes yet in my report there are barely three sentences staring at me for the last couple of hours…so it must be the modules fault not mine?
  2. Do your laundry – in my first year at university I bought myself a poster saying ‘No matter where you are you still have to do your laundry‘. This is a bit tricky though ‘cuz once you’ve stuffed everything into the washing machine you still have time for the report. However, once the laundry is done- a perfect opportunity for a break 😉
  3. Find a complicated recipe online with ingredients which are completely alien to you and then spend half an hour deciphering it – you can use this at some imaginary point in the future to impress your family and friends. Besides, if healthy eating and learning to cook are part of your new-year resolutions list, what a better time to start with them then now?
  4. Binge watch Ted Talks on Youtube– three words:  ideas worth spreading!
  5. Make a tea break – your body needs to detoxicate from the popcorns and sweets you’ve eaten to keep your sugar levels up while ‘intensively reading this journal article’.
  6. Vacuum your floor, clean the dust from under the bed, wash your windows – ‘cuz let’s be honest, you cannot possibly study in a mess.
  7. Order your clothes, underwear and socks by type and colour – this will help you when you are in a hurry so next time you don’t have to run after the bus with two different socks on…they will be a pair (possibly).
  8. Start an online course on something completely irrelevant to your major – ideally in Programming or C++…IT is the future, people!
  9. Try to read an article in a foreign language you learnt in high school – no better way to refresh your barely existent French skills .
  10. Watch a documentary – it’s like a normal movie yet you gain real knowledge about the surrounding world. WOW 😀
  11. Read a book – it could always be justified as a productive activity no matter whether it is a textbook or a novel you already know by heart!
  12. Write a grocery shopping list – essential when it comes to going to Lidl. Either way you may end up with couple of pastries but without the eggs and milk for which you initially went.
  13. Clean your computer from useless programs, files and pictures  – you don’t want to end up with no space for your essays, right?
  14. Make a list of the most pressing tasks … and then start it bottom-up 😉   

As they say here in Scotland ‘Ok, falks, that’s all for today‘… If you have any further ideas for effient ways to procrastinate I am open for suggestions!

* inspired by the original article 20 Ways to Effectively Procrastinate and the Ted talk Inside the mind of a master procrastinator | Tim Urban . I found them both extremely funny, honest and tragicomedic…so I decided to share my own ‘expertise’ in the field.



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