I swear this wasn’t the initial idea behind my post today! I realise that the following article is probably the cheesiest I have ever written but blame it on some recent events in my life and mostly on the song I heard this morning called ‘Любов/ Love’.  I am not a huge fan of those singers and I’m not claiming that this is the most romantic or rich in musicality piece. It was just something I put as a background to my morning coffee and it somehow touched the romatic strings of my heart (puking from my own cheesiness).

Anyway, my friends are probably rolling their eyes here ‘cuz most of the time I’m just cynical when it comes to romance and love. The truth is that I’m in love with the idea of true love and I actually believe in it.I just don’t agree that love is in the hearts, candies and the bought in a hurry mainstream silver heart jewellry. All of those have somehow lost their innate romantic meaning for me. The jewellry could be a cute present but it has to be personal, to show understanding of the personality and tastes of your partner.

Because the way I see it, love is understanding and acceptance. It sets peace in one’s mind right after setting the senses on fire. Love is laughter, and silly jokes, and sexiness in the least sexy of moments. Love is trusting someone with yourself and knowing they trust you the same way. Love is enjoying the silence between two thoughts. It should bring joy, passion and inspiration to become a better person but not only for the sake of keeping the other but for the purpose of keeping up with the other and growing together as individuals. Love is not about being blinded by someone but having your eyes opened by them. Don’t get me wrong I don’t think a relationship should always be effortless, but the energy should be channeled in the right direction, towards the appropriate person.

Love in the more general kind of way is my answer to what’s the meaning of all. The love I have for my family and friends as well as for art, knowledge, adventures, literature, and so on, is just as important and significant for me as the romantic one.

Another thing I’d like to mention is that there’s a difference between being in love with someone and loving someone. Being in love is about the butterflies, and the sparks, the can’t wait to take your clothes of passion and the feeling that you’d admire this person no matter of their sins. Loving someone is the passion from being in love plus the understanding that the other is not perfect but neither are you. Everyone has their burdens, sins and dark sides and love is being able to show them without fear of immmediate rejection. However, love does not mean having the other person to bear with your sins without making any effort to overcome them! 

Anyway, I said this is going to be cheesy. I’m usually afraid of showing romantic feelings ‘cuz I have some trust issues and I  somehow managed to develop a fear of not being good enough. Both don’t really help and I’m doing my best to leave them in the past. Hence, I feel like my dreamy, happy and optimistic side is waking up after too long a nap and I’m doing my best to keep it awake. Another problem is that whenever I like somebody I tend to loose my chain of thoughts more than usual and as I result I end up saying silly things that make me blush more than the guy’s eyes 😀

So, that’s enough of me revealed for today ! To all romantic/ in love souls out there, Happy Valentine’s Day! I do not usually celebrate it but I have nothing against it as long as you don’t rub your candies in my nose. Good news for all others that feel annoyed by the heart and flower- you can legitimately celebrate the Bulgarian holiday Trifon Zarezan with me, the holiday of wine and wine-makers. This does not mean I do not have a romantic crush over particular individual, it just implies that I love wine and what better way to be practical  and patriotic at the same time. 😀  So where’s your glass?

Cheers! ❤


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