I still remember how back in 8th grade our literature teacher made us create a reading diary. Almost everybody complained it was a waste of time. And then, there was me, having fun while thinking over the book, the writing style, the characters, the plot (Gosh, this sounds so nerdy 😀). I have always been predisposed to love literature so discussing a book has never felt like so much of a burden. I just needed to learn how to do it on paper ‘cuz back then I was incapable of posing a written argument longer than a few sentences. It was in fact this task which helped me develop my writing and reasoning abilities, so I am truly grateful to my teacher for coming up with the idea.

Anyway, it’s been almost 7 years since 8th grade and I’ve been wanting to come back to my reading diary for months now. However, I sometimes have the harmful tendency to postpone things that are not a must and somehow I find an excuse not to sit down and write. As I am trying to overcome some of those bad habits, I decided to be as regular as possible in reviewing the novels or poems I read. What does this have to do with you? Well, I will do my best to post a synthesized version of my analysis on the books here. This can serve as a basis when you are in a hunt for book recommendations either for you or for a friend to whom you want to give a novel as a present. I have another post about books (see “Of reading books“) but it is more about the perks of reading and a check list of good reads rather than an elaborate review of a particular piece.

Last but not least, on my side bar you can get acquainted with my ‘currently reading’ list through my goodreads link. Moreover, I’ve started my reading challenge for a third consecutive year now as I believe it is an efficient way to keep track of my literature status quo. I definately recommend the reading challenge (and the website as a whole) to everyone who would like to improve their reading life.

Well, I want to go back to my first novel for 2017 ‘Kafka on the Shore’ from Haruki Murakami (thank you for the amazing present Diyana!!). There has been a big talk about this Japanese author and although this is the first of his works that I read (definately won’t be the last one), I can see the reasons behind the critics’ fascination of him.


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