The Passion week has officially started. To be precise the 2 Passion weeks! I can’t believe I envy Jesus for being tortured only 7 days (and I apologies if this sounds like blasphemy. It’s certainly not my intention since I  rely on the higher force to help me live through those certain days). Anyway, you probably don’t know why I am talking about Passion week at the end November. So, let me throw some clarity here… Passion weeks, as defined by the university student dictionary (extremely legitimate source of reference), are the weeks of exams and deadlines just before the ending of the trimester. For some people those would be in January, but for me they start TODAY. 

    As I sarcastically wrote to my best friend this morning, it’s the time of the year when the weather outside is frightful, and the fire…the fire is burning in my head! Who knows (or cares) what the weather is when you are in the library the whole day, not really seeing the sun, studying, then falling asleep, then feeling fresh from the 5th espresso for like 15 minutes, and then desperately cramming something that the minute you read you forget, and it just does not make sense anymore ‘cuz you’re tired.  I am already prepared for the moments of paranoia and panic attack this Thursday, on Friday I will wake up at 4 to read the chapters for the weekly multiple choice test that afternoon, then on Sunday I will pray the whole night, then next Monday after the first exam I won’t even try studying for the second.On the Tuesday after I will hate myself for not starting earlier. It’s just the easily predictable cycle of coffee cups, lack of money cuz I buy all my food, eating sweets and fearing I will become a fatty with a bad skin, wasting time in facebook by posting and liking ‘exam stress memes’. I believe there will be one point I will just throw everything aside for the rest of the day and just watch Sex and the Ciy, eating popcorns and contemplating on the fact that I can’t even become a striper for a living as I am inflexible beyond repair. The cycle will break on Monday the 12th after my last exam and instead of heading to the pub to celebrate as I will have bravely planned two days before, exhaustion will prevail and I will just go home and fall asleep for like 14 hours.

Oh, how I wish it was already Monday 12th and everything was over…but unfortunately is November 28th and I should probably head to the library cuz I already lost half of the studying day. Since I plan not to cut off my dancing classes as I need something to take the pressure off, I need to have finished my reading for the day before 8…ahah let’s see how that goes 😀 Well, that’s me for today and most probably for the next 15 days as I won’t have spare time or at least I am not supposed to have time for writing posts.

Friends, If I happen not to answer your facebook messages, it’s not personal 😉 And to everyone else in my situation…YOU SHOULD BE STUDYING  😀 ❤

P.S. I may actually start a ‘sarcastic Monday series’ so as to release my inner sarcasm and become a nicer person!


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