I finally managed to wake up at 6 am after more than a month trying to pull myself out of bed before 8.  Eheee! Anyway, as 90 % of the people on this Earth (the others are either on a place without the Internet or at the beginning of a happy relationship), after I got up I turned on my computer. I opened Spotify to have a nice background and imagine my bewilderment when after two songs I heard an advertisement about Egg Donation and how you can make people happy by donating your eggs…

Three things came into my mind. First, I need to buy Spotify Premium. Second, Spotify is a good place to make an advertisement. Third, why the hell I have to hear Egg Donation averts at 6:15 am? Even more disturbing, why do they sound as if they are recruiting for the army back in the 1950s (same intonation!)? Why are they presenting it as if they are only asking to borrow a pan or something from you, not your damn reproductive bodies?! As I only had a scarce knowledge on the topic (and it was against the whole thing) I did a short google search. The little cynic in me is raising her eyebrow,  telling me that couple of articles and youtube videos are not credible enough to form a strong opinion . Well, let’s just say that I am  on the  “will never do it for the reasons they advertise to me” side (I hate the “never say never” idea so much!!!). The articles were mainly about the Pros and Cons of egg donation. Surpriseeee, the pros mainly revolved around money. Ow, sorry, I forgot the eye-washing ‘feel good’ concept, mentioned just before the “higher amounts of $10,000 or more with justification could be possible“(Fertility Proregisty, 2016) sentence. Yep, girls, we need to face the ongoing belief that the main reason women exist is to create a life and that’s the ultimate way for us to do and feel good…bullshit. Don’t get me wrong I am not against childbirth and I still believe love and family are what makes life purposeful. But that’s it, love not money should be the reason we do such a thing. And let’s face it, you’ll never give yout eggs to an unknown couple for the love.

What makes me sad is that some girls out there are doing it because ofdesperation, desperation for money. According to The Center for Biotics and Culture (2012), egg compensation is so generous compared to sperm donation one (poor guys, their material is only worth around 35 $ :D)  is that the demand highly exceeds the supply. But there are multiple reasons for that, the main one being the the egg extraction is much more complicated and hazardous than sperm one. In short, some of the major problems and complications registered during and after the donation include: frequently experienced headaches, cramping and bloating, mood swings, temporary weight gain, nausea and vomiting, bruising and pain at the site of the injections, and tender breasts; loss of own fertility; ovarian hyperstimulation; infection and loss of an ovary (The Center for Biotics and Culture, 2012, Fertility Proregistry, 2016). The drawbacks considerably overweight the ‘advantages’, and these are only from physiological point of you. The psychological effects could be even more severe as you are besically giving part of yourself to someone you barely know. The risk for the paying side is also obvious now as the girl you are giving your money to can change her mind any second and no law can restrict her from doing that (and shouldn’t be restricting her!).  That’s why, as pointed in the “Eggsplotation” research (http://www.eggsploitation.com/faq.htm) there is a need for monitoring and tracking of young women involved in such a practice in order to find out more about the consequences and the procedure itslef.

As this became much longer than I intended to write, let me put an end to my monologue by saying that an egg donation advert through an entertainment channel seems kind of offensive to all women and kind of vicious on psychological level. If I am ever gonna give part of myself, I’ll do it for someone I love and not for the money…


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