I am officially in a black hole…  I feel almost a physical need to create something meaningful, yet every topic I think about seems already exhausted and overwritten. At first, I assumed I suffer from lack of inspiration, but my need to put my thoughts in writing in relation to the complete lack of words it’s almost paradoxical. That’s probably the 5th time today I open my online journal and I am actually surprised I still haven’t sent this draft to the trash  (let’s see how it goes). I am incredibly eager to break the cycle, so I decided to just scribble whatever it’s on my mind right now. Let’s pray something worthwhile comes out of it…

So what’s  going on in my head these days? If I can summarise it in two words those would be dance and indulgence . I am absolutely aware that I should probably concentrate my entire attention to more pressing matters such as university assignments, internship applications, job hunting and my problems with commitment, but honestly, every free second I have I just find myself rehearsing the last salsa/ bachata moves the instructors have showed us. I don’t even need music as I can feel the beat in my heart, the melody in my head. I cannot congratulate myself more for joining the salsa society and coming back to dancing after years-long break. It’s like my perfect cure, my perfect escape. Even after the longest and the most tiring day, I still find myself going to practice as if I am running to my safe heaven, my happy place. Nothing really relaxes me more and clears my mind better than dancing. Don’t get me wrong,  I am not agitating anybody to start salsaling next day. My point is to provoke you to think of your indulgencies. It is quite useful to ask yourself what makes your day better no matter what problems and obstacles you’ve met. Which activities bring you to your happy place?

I have also started learning Spanish for the pleasure of it. To be honest, I started yesterday 😀  I might have found my inspiration in Elizabeth GIlbert’s ‘Eat, Pray, Love’ book, but just as she did I bought myslef a Spanish Dictionary and I began learning new words and expressions, taking couple of hours to translate the bachata song I’ve been into for weeks now. This oldfashioned style may sound extremely unpractical  to some of you, even I don’t know how long this will go, but the point here is again in the happiness the whole action brings me, not in the action itslef. The best thing is that I don’t have to learn it, I want to do it. The same is with blogging, the whole purpose is for me to express myself and to follow my inner desires, those becoming my every-day indulgencies.

I guess my take-home-message from here (it uncovered itslef throughout the writing process!) could be to think of simple activities that bring smile to your face and spare time to do them. Seriously, don’t let fear or laziness stop you from starting.  I know from experience, you will kick yourselves for not doing it earlier once you’ve begun. Even if those actions sound ridiculous or not appropriate for the moment, as you have more important stuff to do, they may turn out to be your life-saver, helping you deal with stress and negativity. After all , as the cliché says ‘We are not born to just pay bills and die’.


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