It’s 23rd August and I’m standing on the front porch of the house we’ve hired at the seashore. While watching the sea, covered with blanket as if its autumn outside, I can feel the summer nostalgia waking up in my body even though my favourite season is not supposed to end yet. I haven’t seen the sun for the past days but I still haven’t lost hope that I will swim at least once more in the sea before saying goodbye to the warm weather. So now, while waiting for the wind to stop and the clouds to find their way to hell, I will call outside the positive energy through my favourite memories/things from this summer so far.

1. Prom days

    …when you realise it’s been an year since you’ve graduated and that now your friend since childhood is also screwed to become a grown up Open-mouthed smile


2.The art of ice cream and home-made pancakes

…which makes the whole idea of being slim sound stupid 😀


3.Happy times with your  girls

… I am so lucky to have you in my life beauties :*


4.Beach smiles, wet hair, smell of sea, sun on the skin

… and sand in the pants Open-mouthed smile


5. Reading on the beach (even better place than the bed)

… and reading as a whole everywhere I can place my bottom Winking smile


6. Summer cocktail nights

… and not-so-successful-experiments  with cocktails Winking smile Open-mouthed smile


7. Those leg pictures Open-mouthed smile Open-mouthed smile Open-mouthed smile

You can’t stay blind for the art in following pictures!


8. My summer job

I was so lucky and happy to meat a great group of young colleagues. Thank you for the amazing sense of humor that made even the hardest days fun and bearable.


9. The sunrises from the sea

… an old love of mine, totally worth it to experience.


10. Strolls in the rose garden in my home town

The rose garden is one of the most beautiful places to have a walk and a photosession in Dobrich.


11. Moments of purrrrr happiness with my cat



… feels like home, feels like Heaven on Earth (no matter the rain )



Well, no wonder why summer is my favourite season ❤


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