It’s the start of the second week since I’m back home and I’m sitting in the terrace enjoying both the morning sun and my cat’s purring. While I’m sipping from my coffee and thinking about my friends’ prom nights in a couple of days, my mind drifts back one year ago to my own prom memories and then to everything that followed. That’s why I think it is a high time I made my first year of university resolution post. If you’ve ever tried to review a certain part of your life you’ll know how I feel right now. It’s so hard and honestly I catch myself depressing whether I’ve accomplished enough and used the time at its fullest. Well, I tried to but, hey, the bed in my room was really comfortable.

However, probably one of the most important things that I’ve learnt is how precious home and mum’s care are. Here I’ll quote a friend of mine who also studies abroad and whose words summarize this fact perfectly: “Being home feels like magic since food miraculously appears in the fridge and you always find clean clothes in the wardrobe!” Before living by myself I haven’t really taken into account how much time it takes to clean the house, wash the dishes, do the laundry, go to the supermarket and finally cook something.


Well, now I do know and while I’m home I appreciate every morning coffee that my mum makes and every lunch that my grandmother prepares for me.

On the other hand, finding out that I can take a good care of myself was the best feeling ever. There is a certain charm of being on my own and setting my own pace of living. In the beginning ordinary stuff like cooking became special. Every time I prepared something fancier than a sandwich or pasta I felt like a pro chef 😀  Moreover, I realized that the process of growth is just the process of coping with everyday hurdles without your parents’ help. I wouldn’t have learnt how to do some stuff if there had been somebody else to do them for me.  Furthermore, I found out that the right people come into my life when I need them the most and that, as the old cliché says, “what goes around comes around”.

Another conclusion of mine based on the past year is related to time. I recognized the fact that once a day is passed it is forever lost. As a result, I’m now physically able to feel when I’m unproductive though I’m still learning how to handle laziness.

I’m also glad to have spent longer than a tourist period of time abroad as this helped me get rid of the fond delusion that once you settle in one of the so-called Developed countries life miraculously becomes easier. Although there are better roads and internationally recognized universities, the sad fact is that people’s stupidity follows you everywhere. Nevertheless, meeting with peers from different cultural backgrounds opened my eyes as I found that we are simultaneously different and the same. No matter where we come from, we have the same desires and faults and we all have something to comment on the government. The difference that I noticed was in the extent of which we were troubled of our present and future in terms of financial security.

As a whole, I believe I had a good first year! I met some incredible people, discovered new unpredictable abilities of mine, visited old friends at their new places, became expert in price difference between the supermarkets, learnt to cook and unclog the shower drain, got my first job, finally started a blog… and the most substantial one – I got used to seeing men in skirts on the street (though I still don’t think It’s sexy…) 🙂


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