Movies for the times you’re so lazy you can’t even decide what to watch

I often happen to be so lazy in the evenings that even deciding on what to watch seems like a great effort.  The main problem is that I happen to lack any tolerance towards  mainstream blockbusters, whose storylines are either predictable two seconds after the Warner Bros logo or are so overwhelmingly and artificially complicated that I loose interest. I despise excessive “pink glasses” romances… they make me wanna puke in the closest bucket. I also consider films such as “The Guardians of the Galaxy” and “Transformers: Age of Extinction”  suitable only in times of extreme hangover when you can’t concentrate on anything anyway. Nevertheless, I’ve been lucky the last couple of times I’ve chosen something blindly and therefore I’ve come across some decent movies for those sluggish nights. There are IMDb links included so you can check the ratings and trailers if you’re interested.

Peddington – comedy, family (I would add – British 😀 )


It is a movie about a young/ Peruvian/ English- speaking/ Marmalade- addicted bear which (or should I use who??) goes to London to find a family after his home in the forests is destroyed. This description is rather bizarre…but the film itself is of that nature and I find its British strangeness funny and enjoyable. The storyline is easy to follow yet catchy enough to hold your attention for more than two minutes. Paddington might not be the best movie ever but it is not a waste of time either: D

Into the woods – musical, adventure, fantasy


 I was in the WTF state the whole time I was watching this mixture of traditional fairy tales turned into a Musical, yet I watched it till the end. However, I recommend you have 2 hours to spare and at least two bags of pop corns to eat.

Big Hero 6 – animation, action, adventure 


 I loved that one! It is a movie that brings the childish charm of the animation back into my life. As you can read if you google it (not sure why I bother describing the movies) it is about a friendship between a super smart kid-inventor and a hilariously looking/ supposed to be a nurse robot. I don’t want to go any deeper as I may reveal something. It is so good it is worth to actually spare time to watch it!

Playing it Cool – comedy, romance (but not the irritating style)


The IMDb description is not particularly accurate in this case. Actually the guy needs to write about love and as a consequence of his research in the field of romance he ends up in a confused relationship…and not the other way around. Anyway, the important part here is that the main character is adorably cynical as far as love is concerned and later his relationship is like a funny rebellion against mainstream romances.

Love, Rosie – comedy, drama, romance (again not the irritating style)


At the beginning I thought it would be a mainstream romance about two best friends finding their true love in the face of one another but the film surprised me in the good way. I liked it because I find the story is as messy, realistic, ridiculous, funny, and sad as life itself.

Song One – drama, music


Anne Hathaway’s character comes back home after her brother has been hit by a car and has fallen into a coma. In order to wake him up she reads his diary and finds his favourite singer with whom she later has a short affair. The film is perfect in its simplicity, being neither shallow nor overwhelmingly deep.

I haven’t enlisted here Oscar- awarded films like “The imitation game”, “The theory of everything” and “Her” mainly because they are so brilliant that It would be a crime if you haven’t watched them yet.



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